Mao Shimada

NC Department / Year joined: 2012

The company has the
world’s number-one
technologies and expertise.
The work is rewarding
because you can do what
you cannot do elsewhere.

Tell us what prompted you to join the company.

I was born in a place called Horado Village in a mining area, such as having a garnet mine. Perhaps because of that, I have always been interested in minerals and gems since childhood. With that background, my attention naturally turned to metal processing and knives, and that is how I joined the company.

Tell us about your work.

My main work is grinding flat blades and giving them angles.

Tell us what you find exciting, fun and motivating about your job.

I love it when I see the final knives in a showcase for sale. Ono Knife has the world’s number-one technologies and expertise, and it enables you to do work that you cannot do elsewhere. I find that rewarding.

Tell us about your future goal.

I still frequently work with the support of others. I want to be able to give instructions to others more efficiently in the future. I am more suited to specialist work where I must develop and hone my specialist skills. I want to perfect the areas that I haven’t perfected yet, and to work in an environment where I can focus on my tasks.

Do you have any message to people who are considering joining the company?

We handle many products and it is not easy to compose processing programs. But it means that the job is rewarding. We look forward to working with people who plan ahead and who focus on their work.