Sojiro Matsushima

Sharpening Department / Year joined: 2007

The important thing is to
just get on with what we
must do on a day-to-day basis.
I find it rewarding to
complete each knife, one by one.

Tell us what prompted you to join the company.

I had wanted to do administrative work, but after a tour of the factory I developed an interest in production sites, and that is how I joined the company.

Tell us about your work.

I am responsible for the sharpening process, where I sharpen the knife thinly with a grindstone so that it will cut well.

Tell us what you find exciting, fun and motivating about your job.

I find it rewarding every time I create a perfect, premium knife that will be passed onto our customers. I usually do not meet customers, so I enjoyed taking part in the demo at Mitsukoshi Ginza. On seeing happy customers right before my eyes, I understood that my work was being appreciated. It was rewarding.

Tell us about your future goal.

I am still growing and have room to improve, so I want to continue honing my skills. I want to create the best products that I am happy with. I am sure the latest machines will be introduced successively, but I want to remember my initial resolve and continue to be someone who can create the best products.

Do you have any message to people who are considering joining the company?

I am sure this will be a fun workplace for you if you like manufacturing. The work can be unexpectedly difficult, so it is better if you are a diligent person who can just get on with what you must do. Ono Knife lets you get on with work in an environment where you can work autonomously at your own discretion. So I think it will suit you if you are autonomous and can decide your own direction and act accordingly.