Yuta Okuda

Laser Department / Year joined: 2011

Maybe you think we do
the same routine work every day,
but it is actually a workplace
that is constantly taking
in new things and that is
always changing.

Tell us what prompted you to join the company.

I was born and raised in Seki, so I wanted to work in a local industry.
No other knife manufacturers were making knives from start to finish, so that was another thing that attracted me to the company.

Tell us about your work.

My main responsibility is to cut cooking knife shapes out of metal plates using a laser processor.
But I also have experience of various other works, because the company is always bringing in new things.

Tell us what you find exciting, fun and motivating about your job.

I am an orderly person, so I find it rewarding when things go as planned and are completed without a problem.
It may be ordinary work, but I am simply happy when things just go smoothly.

Tell us about your future goal.

The company is always taking in new things. I want to go with this flow and develop a completely new business.
In the future, I want us to grow to the same level of sales as the knife business, the company’s main industry.

Do you have any message to people who are considering joining the company?

It may be hard for you to imagine what knife-making is all about. It includes craftsman’s handwork, as well as the skillful operation of the latest machines.
Sometimes you have to do simple routine work. But that does not mean you can slack off. So the company would be good for someone who can work diligently.
It would be a good place for you if you are able to control your life with a clear work-life balance.