CULTUREKnow our work environment

A friendly workplace in Seki, the town of knives

The three "D"s associated with knife production ("draining", "dangerous" and "dirty") do not apply to Ono Knife's factory.
We will combine the latest high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship to create the future of the knife industry.

Power supplied by a solar-power system

Using the clean renewable energy of sunlight, we aim for sustainable corporate activities that are considerate to the earth's environment.

Fully equipped with automatic hydrocarbon paper washers

We work to create a clean work environment that is kind to people and to the Earth.

IoT introduction and usage

We use IoT to improve productivity at factories, product quality, and energy efficiency.
We visualize our production systems and operational status and manage them in one place.

We also work on promoting sports.

Marathon Club

The club was launched in response to employee's requests.
We train on a regular basis and run in local marathon competitions.

Golf Club

With a spirit of challenge, we play together, enjoying our time off and lots of wonderful moments, for a sense of achievement, but more than anything to increase the sense of rapport with one another.